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air duct cleaning  Houston,TexasAir Duct Cleaning Houston is here to fulfill your duct cleaning needs effectively and efficiently! We are a licensed and insured company and are proud to serve the Houston area. Were you recently appalled by the amount of dirt and debris you noticed lodged within the air duct while changing a filter? This may indicate it is time to call Air Duct Cleaning Houston. We have performed heating and cooling system cleaning and vent duct cleaning services for many, many customers in your immediate area, and we are happy to provide any references you would like.

If you are unsure as to whether or not your home or office is in need of air duct cleaning, we are happy to discuss the entire process and share our knowledge of current studies with you. We recognize that according to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), regular air duct cleaning is not necessary, but that air duct cleaning can be beneficial in many circumstances.dryer vent cleaning service

Tips about Air Duct Cleaning

According to the EPA, the reason regular vent duct cleaning is not needed is because there is not much proof that it is beneficial to your health (although regular cleaning is similarly not proven harmful either). The EPA does state, however, that air duct cleaning can be important and beneficial in certain circumstances, including when there is an infestation of rats, mice or other animals; when the system is very dirty and/or is releasing dirt into the living and breathing space; and when there is mold-like substances inside the system.

If you suspect your air ducts and HVAC system is infected with mold growth, you may want it to be professionally tested at a mold lab which will determine if it is mold or not. If you do have mold growth in your air ducts, a mold remediation would be required to clean your air ducts and make sure you and your family are safe from the effects of black mold. If not done properly, the mold will spread even further to your home, making it even worse. In the worst cases, the house may be deemed inhabitable until a full remediation of the mold will be done.

ducts & HVAC cleaning services in HoustonAir Duct Cleaning Houston technicians are also trained to handle a variety of different air condition and heating systems, as many have significant variations, even amongst different years of the same model. Our technicians bring years of experience to your home in Houston, and will perform the service excellently. Furthermore, we strive to treat your home as our own, and will work carefully to protect your home furnishings, including carpeting and furniture.

As any fire marshal will tell you, regular dryer vent cleaning is a must! A clogged dryer vent is a fire hazard that a quick call to Air Duct Cleaning Houston can solve.

With a quick call to Carpet Cleaning Houston at 713-344-0457, we can help you determine whether or not our service is appropriate for your situation. We can tailor our offerings to meet your needs, from a simple dryer vent cleaning to an entire office heating and cooling system cleaning. As any of our references will tell you, you can trust our honesty and expertise.

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