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Give your Houston home an updated look without renovating! Tile and Grout Cleaning Houston can provide professional cleaning for your discolored, stained tile and grout. We can make these worn tiles look so new that your guests will think you went to the expense of redecorating or renovating!

No matter what type of tile you have in your home, it eventually shows signs of daily life. In kitchens, you will see tracks from dirty shoes, stains from spilled drinks and food, grease stains from cooking splatters, and grout that has darkened from all of the above. In bathrooms, stains on tile and grout are typically a result of mold or mildew, and water that has splashed onto floor grout repeatedly. Regardless of the cause, all of these stains mean dirtiness, and are not what guests and family members want to see!

For unsealed tile, this stains and seep right in and cause permanent damage. It is important to have your tile sealed to prevent such damage. Cleaning your tile and grout weekly and mopping up any spills immediately can go a long way towards extending the life and appearance of your tile. Many people, however, wonder how to clean grout and how to clean tile properly. It's best to start with the gentlest cleaner and work your way up to the harsher cleaners, as some harsh cleaners can start to eat away at the tile and grout over time.

Lots of stains and dirt will come up with a vinegar and water solution, so that is a good first resource. Household cleaners, like Lysol and Mr. Clean are stronger than vinegar and water, yet aren't too harsh. General household cleaners, however, aren't strong enough to rid the mildew and mold in bathrooms, so cleaners specially formulated for mold and mildew are helpful. Finally, strong chemicals such as those specially formulated for tile and grout cleaning should be a last resource and should only be used when absolutely necessary.

Chemicals Free Cleaning

grout cleaning , Ceramic tile cleaning in Houston,TexasDon't like chemicals? Neither do we! We prefer an environmentally-friendly approach whenever possible! Houston Tile and Grout Cleaning provides a number of eco-friendly and animal and human-safe tile cleaning and grout cleaning services, one of which is steam cleaning. Our powerful steam machines inject hot water into the tile and grout to loosen up stains that can't even come up with harsh cleaners. The steam machine then sucks up all the water and dirt. Steam cleaning is a highly effective method of cleaning tile and grout, and requires very little time or elbow grease!

With a simple call to Tile and Grout Cleaning Houston, you can learn about the variety of flooring cleaning services we provide. We have thoroughly trained and experienced technicians who will service your home efficiently and effectively. They will save your hours of scrubbing and back-breaking labor, and lots of money wasted on ineffective products.

Carpet Cleaning Houston is positive you will love your clean tile and clean grout when we leave, and your guests will be amazed at the difference.

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